Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How about the Wynantskill BOE "hire an outside firm to collect data and interview" in our district?

"Interesting that the Superintendent and BOE in Saratoga have decided to look into the cause to staff dismay at one of their schools at the apparent poor management by the principal. But in Wynantskill, where there is a teacher and parent revolt going on regarding the Superintendent, the BOE rejects both the staff and the parents. Maybe they should pay attention to Saratoga and show some respect to both teachers and parents and investigate."

The Times Union story ran today 07/02/13: Principal blamed for staff exits: Spa City school chief cites management style issue at Division Street

What do YOU want to ask our Board of Education, Thursday July 11th @ 7:00pm?

The July 11 BOE meeting is going to be a crowded one, RIGHT? If you have never attended a BOE meeting; there are a few things you should know beforehand:
  1. SHOW UP! We need you there to show community support.  
  2. SIGN UP! If you want to speak, or even think you may want to speak, you must sign up before the beginning of the meeting.   
  3. SPEAK UP! For those of us who think public speaking is super scary, you can just read a prepared statement; something as simple as “I request the BOE ask for the resignation of Dr. Henkel”.  But maybe you’ll be inspired to say more or you can always pass when your name is called to speak.  Remember, if you don’t sign up before the meeting you will not be given an opportunity to speak.
Note: There a time limit. The BOE asks that speakers limit their comments to fewer than 3 minutes. We can expect them to be especially vigilant in attempting to adhere to that time limit on Thursday July 11 @ 7:00pm!

What if you can’t come? What if there is no way in hell you would ever speak in front of a crowd of people, but have something to say? Write it down: on paper, on an index card, on a cocktail napkin, or here on the blog and we will try to find someone to ask your questions for you.

NOW, see you on Thursday July 11th @ 7:00pm!