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Title: School Board Screw Up
Issue ID: 176537                    
Neighborhood: Wynantskill
Reported: on  
Description: "I cannot believe this was the best the Board could come up with for your Superintendent, this lady is a fraud. She ruined one school 6 years ago she will ruin this one. She is a parents nightmare. Wake up, just as she did here in the North Colonie she will due there is a matter of time. She is a very ignorant and arrogant person who actually is not as strong or knowledgeable as she appears. If things get too tough and screwed up she will walk away. Watch her every move and decision or you will get sued!"

Original Blog: http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/176537
This blog has since been shut down for additional comments by the hosting site, as well as some of the content removed, however it is still accessible to be viewed.

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