Board of Education: Statement Posted 06/25/13

(This BOE statement is in response to the No Confidence Resolution released by the WTA.)


We as the Board of Education are responding to the Resolution of No Confidence issued by the Wynantskill Teachers’ Association.  This action is disappointing, and surprising that rather than communicating directly with the Board of Education the union took this public and inappropriate approach. Education in New York is undergoing great change as schools implement the new Common Core learning standards and undertake the first year of teacher and principal evaluations under the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) process. This change creates great anxiety for everyone. The Wynantskill teachers’ union is further frustrated that negotiators have been unable to reach an agreement on a new teachers' contract. Rather than addressing their concerns constructively through the board of education, the tenured teachers have unfortunately chosen to vent their emotions on Dr. Henkel in this very public manner. There is no factual basis to the content of the resolution, and it has no legal significance. 

We strongly support Dr. Henkel's efforts to improve student performance and build a stronger education program for the community's children. We remain hopeful that we will settle the contract in the near future and that we can resume an appropriate and constructive dialog with our teaching staff. We welcome the opportunity to speak honestly with the union.  
June 25, 2013

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  1. Its over now and how do the board members think they did handling the teachers and parents charges? I believe they all should step down. Not one of them supported the teachers or the parents. Thank God they finally opened their eyes to what had been going on right under their nose. Their weakness is evident, they need to go!!!