Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things that make you go...hmmmmmm

Listed on the Wynantskill Website - 07/25/13
You may be thinking "oh this is just another Board of Education meeting", and you would be wrong. Please note the location: Questar Boces Conference Room and the time: 2:00pm. They are gathering off site, during the day, and are not stating why.
The agenda for today, June 25, states the reason: 1.3 Grievance Hearing-Peter Mesh // Grievance Hearing-Karin Carmody.
The agenda for June 29, states the reason: 2.1 Appoint Independent Consultant for Human Resources and Special Education.
  • Why the secrecy? We as a community have made it very clear that being as transparent as possible is essential right now.
  • Is it possible this has something to do with the part-time communications service provided by BOCES, which officially started Monday July 22? If that is the case why is that not listed as the item topic?
  • Could it be possible that our voices are finally being heard?
  • Is it possible that Dr. Lisa Henkel will be put on paid leave? (Say it ain't so!) That is what many could be lead to believe because it does not identify the topic for the executive session.
  • When will we, as the concerned citizens, teachers and parents, finally know the results and/or topic of the meeting?
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