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It’s nice to see that the Wynantskill Board of Education is hiring an investigator to look into all the allegations and concerns from the teachers and parents regarding the superintendent. But what I would like to know is why they aren’t putting the superintendent on paid administrative leave while the investigation is taking place. It seems like the proper next step and that is what needs to happen.
The Wynantskill Board of Education needs to get off the boat that is taking them down the River of Denial. They have real problems with the superintendent.

07/06/13: A cover up
I'd like to know why the Board of Education in the Wynantskill school district continues to ignore the vote of no confidence by the teachers. And put out information that doesn't really answer the points and resolutions. I think they're trying to avoid it and trying to cover it up. 

07/04/13: Can’t reach them
I'd like to sound off about the Wynantskill Board of Education. I'm wondering what they are doing about the debacle that is occurring over in the Wynantskill community. They have not responded to any of the public, nor have they reached out to any parents when they have actually said we are able to contact them, they fail to provide contact information. So, please, how do we reach them?

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