Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wynantskill District Operation Study Presentation (Video Included)

After several weeks of meeting with parents, teachers, staff and community members of the Wynantskill School District the results of the District Operation Study were presented Thursday night November 14. The Board of Education members present included Board President, Andrea Paone, Board Vice President, Ann Marsh, Board member and Andrew Lanesey; missing from the meeting were Board members Christina Curran and Matt Hug. This study was the product of a very very very difficult 2012-2013 school year under the leadership of Dr. Lisa Henkel, who has since resigned.
The approval of this study at a cost not to exceed $7,500, by the Wynantskill Board of Education, was to be completed under the direction of experienced respected education professional Mike Marcelle (BOE Hires Consultant). This study came after many members of the school community made demands for an outside impartial consultant to investigate the practices of the superintendent, Dr. Lisa Henkel. However, after her sudden resignation, it then became an opportunity for Mike to examine how the district operated, as a whole, and provide suggestions for improvements to help the district and community to heal and to move forward.
Below are links to video of the presentation.  
  • Wynantskill UFSD District Operation Study (Part 2)  Parent- Meredith Gavin and Teacher Union President Matt Lutz present. Mike Marcelle wrapped up the presentation with his recommendations and then opened up the floor for public questions and comments. The meeting was closed out after Board President, Andrea Paone and  Interim Superintendent/Principal, Lee Bordick spoke.
The presentation was extremely honest. The Wynantskill Board  of Education and the community, which consists of teachers, staff, parents and taxpayers, must rebuild the trust between them and work together to take these recommendations and turn them into actions to get results. This presentation is one of many steps  in moving in the right direction, the direction that is best for what this is all about- the kids!