Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How about the Wynantskill BOE "hire an outside firm to collect data and interview" in our district?

"Interesting that the Superintendent and BOE in Saratoga have decided to look into the cause to staff dismay at one of their schools at the apparent poor management by the principal. But in Wynantskill, where there is a teacher and parent revolt going on regarding the Superintendent, the BOE rejects both the staff and the parents. Maybe they should pay attention to Saratoga and show some respect to both teachers and parents and investigate."

The Times Union story ran today 07/02/13: Principal blamed for staff exits: Spa City school chief cites management style issue at Division Street


  1. Investigate! What a great idea and the BOE would actually show that they respect both the teachers and the parents.

  2. The similarities between the situation in Saratoga and Wynantskill are amazing. Of course we know what the BOE is thinking based on how they have approached this from the beginning- it can’t be that bad because not all of our teachers are abandoning ship like they are in Saratoga. Well I challenge the Board of Education led by Mrs.Andrea Paone to think about these following points:

    1. The majority of teachers in Gardner Dickinson have school age children and have not left because they need their jobs.
    2. Duh- there is no other school to transfer to in Wynantskill so the teachers are stuck.
    3. The day in day out hostile, stressful, work environment has begun to take its toll not only mentally on the teachers, but physically and it is being noticed by the students, especially the older ones who go home and ask their parents what’s going on?
    4. The vote of no confidence which you continue to dance around with your spin master press releases to the public is not going away because it was NECESSARY, not EMOTIONAL nor was it FRIVOLOUS. These teachers are asking for your help in what they feel was the only way left for them to do.
    5. You KNOW these teachers. Most of them have taught your children and developed relationships with them. The students at Gardner Dickinson are a part of a small school- a family – AND TO SHRUG OFF THE RESOLUTION, TO IMPLY IT IS UNFOUNDED, AND NOT FACT BASED, THAT THE TEACHERS ARE “TRUTH STRETCHERS” shall we say, is not only unprofessional, and disrespectful but hurtful.

    How can you as a BOE that serves the parents of Wynantskill and the children, who are so important to the teachers that they put themselves out there on the firing line with this resolution with them in mind, be so unobjective as to dismiss the resolution and now to also dismiss the concerns of the parents?

    Right now you are a disappointment to the district and you need to step up AND REALLY LISTEN to all parties concerned so that the school year commencing in September is a positive one.