Sunday, October 13, 2013

Release and Settlement Agreement b/t Dr. Lisa Henkel and the Wynantskill UFSD

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  1. Amazing that an abusive educator can go from school to school and continue to abuse children, parents and teachers and then be fired and make this kind of money for not being able to continue the abuse. SMH

  2. If only the Board had listened to the people that came forward to tell them of the abuses going on by Henkel, and did a thorough evaluation of Henkel, rather than extending her contract before it was even up, the community would never have to be in this position. It's so unfortunate that the entire GD community has to suffer and foot the bill all because of an arrogant BOE that refused to listen, and even condemned teachers for speaking out. Good work Andrea, Ann, Andy, Chris and Matt - this could all have been avoided, but thanks to you - we all suffer. Looking forward to a new and improved BOE!!!!

  3. History doesn't repeat itself, we repeat history. Let this be a lesson to the BOE to do the right thing, to face the truth and admit wrong doing however hard it may be. This school has been shrouded in lies, secrecy and corruption for long enough. Parents, teachers, community members all need to speak up when something is not right. When you see something, say something.

  4. ... And to add insult to injury... The woman received a letter of recommendation after all of this! Deplorable!