Thursday, September 26, 2013

The August 15, 2013 Meeting Minutes Have Been Posted

The August 15, 2013 Meeting Minutes Have Been Posted

This link,, leads to the meeting minutes for the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting, which were posted September 26. The meeting was held in the Gardner Dickinson cafeteria, August 15.

These minutes do not reflect the true tone of the meeting as can be seen here on the WNYT news coverage, Wynantskill BOE appoints interim superintendent. It is concerning that much of this exchange, between the Board and the public was not noted on the minutes anywhere. These minutes are also missing information.

The next question that needs to be asked of the BOE: How much is this entire process of the 3020a costing the District, which was filed June 14, 2013? (What is a 3020a?)

1. The District is paying the salary of the teacher who was served and put on paid leave.
2. The District is paying the salary of the teacher hired to temporarily replace the teacher served. 
3. The District is paying the District lawyers to:
  • Build the case
  • Research the case 
  • Represent the District during the hearing the process
So....How much is this costing the District? Or really the Taxpayers that reside in the District?


  1. I was not sure if we could ask this question. Our school is now in the sincere hands of Lee Bordick, who has proven to be looking out for what is best for the kids.

  2. Parents and taxpayers should question everything. Just because the school finally has what seems to be one solid administrator with strong leadership abilities to get this derailed train of a district back on track, by no means are there any promises it will stay on track. Although the "operational study" is underway and suggestions for improvement will be made in the future, the district, namely the Board of Education, has a long road ahead of them in terms of regaining trust back from parents. The recent posting of the board meeting minutes from a meeting that happened well over a month ago, tells me that little has changed. Anyone that was in attendance at that meeting can take one look at what was recorded and see that comments made by BOE member Matt Hug that were highly disparaging to teachers were either not recorded or removed. Parental and teacher responses to Matt Hug's tirade about what he called a "teacher problem", and teachers not willing to spend extra time with students are also suspiciously absent. These meetings need to be recorded, so that parents and taxpayers can see how, and if, these board members represent the best interests of the school community.

  3. There was a lot of praise from parents for the teachers professionalism during what was a horrible year for everyone due to an unfit administrator and an unconcerned board. At least the unfit administrator is gone.