Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Gardner Dickinson: Time for Change
Please join us, the parents, guardians, grandparents, friends, citizens, teachers and taxpayers of the Wynantskill Union Free School District in demanding the immediate resignation of Superintendent/Principal Dr. Lisa A. Henkel.
The Wynantskill Teachers association has voted 28-1 in favor of a “no confidence” resolution against Superintendent Lisa Henkel. Below are points from the resolution, the complete document can be viewed at
  • Dr. Lisa Henkel has used behavior that is not acceptable, such as bullying, intimidation and retaliation, when managing the staff
  • Dr. Lisa Henkel has inappropriately attempted to interfere with both staff members and parents attempting to access the Board of Education
  • Dr. Lisa Henkel appears to be incapable of performing the basic administrative function of developing a daily master schedule for the school
  • Dr. Lisa Henkel lacks a rudimentary understanding of how the school functions on a daily basis and disregards staff recommendations for adherence to Federal and State mandates                               
Dr Henkel has failed the students and parents of Gardner Dickinson.
  • Dr. Henkel has violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act by refusing to provide parents with the results of their children’s reading evaluations.
  • Dr. Henkel has failed to uphold state and federal laws and regulations by not fully implementing mandated Individualized Education Programs for special needs students. Thereby potentially exposing the district to costly compensatory education expenses.
  • Dr. Henkel has failed to meet legal requirements in regards to remedial services for Response to Intervention. RTI is a state mandate, designed to assist students in danger of not meeting state standards.
  • Dr. Henkel has repeatedly failed to respond to the questions and concerns of parents and has actively discouraged parents from presenting their concerns to the Board of Education.
Dr Henkel has failed the taxpayers.
  • Dr. Henkel will have FOUR administrative positions in the upcoming school year, for a district of just over 300 students.
  • In the past year, Dr. Henkel has awarded personal friends administrative consulting positions costing the district thousands of dollars.
  • Dr. Henkel has initiated legal action against a teacher that will cost the district tens of thousands of dollars without first exploring alternative remedial actions.
 We urge you to show your support by attending the Board of Education meeting July 11th, in the school library, at 7pm and by adding your name to the petition demanding the resignation of Dr. Henkel.

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  1. What a wonderfully dedicated community of parents and "family" that we have in Wynantskill. Your efforts to fight for our "future" leaders is admirable. Continue to stay strong...united...and inevitably be successful! "Be the change you want to see in the world."