Friday, July 12, 2013

07/11/13 Media Coverage. Little District. Big Problems.

Grace Pfeifer who was a student at Boght Hills School while Dr. Lisa Henkel was principal there is asked to stop speaking during the Wynantskill Union Free School District. With her is Teachers Union President Matt Lutz who invited Grace to speak. (Mike McMahon / The Troy Record)
The Troy Record: Parents, teachers continue to raise concerns over Henkel's 'good intentions' 

WNYT, 11:00pm (Ch. 13) Bullying. Intimidation. Morale at an all time low.  


WTEN, 5:30PM and 11:00pm (Ch. 10) Parents demand removal of Wynantskill superintendent at school board meeting (Two Videos: left video (1) 11pm, right video (2) 530pm)


  1. To the young lady who tried to tell her story about her experiences 10 years ago, Well done! Even though you were cut off from finishing, your message came out loud and clear.

  2. Hey BOE look on other districts websites like East Greenbush and contact info for their BOE is easily available. She can no longer lead this school. She has no support from teachers or parents. What don't you get? You continue to blame teachers and take no accountability what so ever for hiring her. Just come out and say we made a mistake in hiring her and we will be letting her go. That is how you will keep this out of the spotlight because if not it will not improve. Also, get rid of Hamill's friend Gail who seems to be trying to run the show. Finally, go back to a straight Superintendent and principal position so this does not happen again. We all know this was Hamill's doing to get back at Lynskey. I mean really.